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Rules about doing high quality research statements

Research is the most important thing in education because it simply contributes to the development of new knowledge. There are many students who do not know this but your skills and abilities as an academic will be measured based on how you do research. If you are indeed able to contribute something then you will be celebrated but not like a celeb. The first thing in research writing in this digital age of climate change is doing a research statement. Yes, this is your statement of intent that tries to describe what the research is about and what is going to fill in the existing literature. The fact still remains that you will get more when you read this guide anytime. There is not a lot you can do in research writing badly but if you not careful you may end up being the laughing stock of your school or college.

What does a research statement entail?

A research statement will more often than not entail a number of things. It will include the research itself. In other words you will be telling the reader what you will be doing as your research. Some or in fact most of the time this will include the title of the paper, what you are going investigate, and the research questions that you will be focusing on. You can learn more about research questions on this page here. In addition to this, you will also need to give the relevance of the paper. In essence, you will be explaining to the reader why the research is important in the contest of the field you are working on. Finally, you must also talk about the methodology you will be suing ion the paper to gather your data and analyze it. Here are some of the tips to follow in order to get this done right:

  • You need to gather your thoughts first. Don just writes for the sake of it. Think about the process and have an outline before presenting to your McGill University  colleagues or professors.
  • Once the outline is done, try to develop it using simple language and short sentences that make sense. You can read more about this on this useful site.

Ensure that you are clear on what the research will achieve. This is one area many people focus on and you may look here for some additional tips on the same.

How to know your paper needs rephrasing

The idea of paraphrasing is now one of the most common things in the world of academics. There are just so many students who are doing it and it’s not really hard to see why. These are all top of the line solutions and if you are ready to use them, you will find a way to do it online. But not all papers need to rephrase in fact, there are others that are simply good the way they are. These are the kind of papers that are submitted and you get the grade you want or those that have already been rephrased. If you want to know whether your paper needs rephrasing or not, then the best thing is to make sure you the reason why people get rephrasing in the first place. Well, this is how you do the job right and this page here might actually be able to help you out.

Things that make rephrasing necessary

One thing that will make rephrasing necessary is copied work. Many students have had to deal with this so many times before and it’s not like they love to. You see when you are doing online work, it’s so easy to have issues. But most of the time you really don’t have a choice do you. This is because you will have to copy a few things to fill in the words in your essay that are needed. The sad thing is that some people forget to rephrase at that time. So when they run the paper through a copy checking tool, it will be flagged fully for these issues. Well, this is one good time to have the paper rephrased. You may explore this tool to achieve this in no time. Here are some of the other reasons:

  • Some people may also decide to rephrase their Peking University essays simply because there are few parts that actually don’t make sense for some reason. It could be the grammar or the sentence structure in it.
  • There are also some who rephrase simply because they have the options to do so online. We are simply talking about top tools and you can see them here.

You may also want to rephrase as a way of making sure you are not copying anything from other papers. Simply read this guide for some great ideas on how you can actually do this.